The Best Wax Session Preparation Strategies

Waxing is a process that leaves your skin looking gorgeous. This is also one of those procedures no one likes to be put through. It does not matter how you have it done, waxing shall deliver that sting like clockwork. We tend to experience pain differently on account of our different pain thresholds. Seeing as you have to keep your waxing appointment, there are a few ways through which you can prepare yourself for it.

You can go with some pain medication. When you have a good one, you will feel the pain at a much lower intensity, thus going through the session successfully. You only need to take it as guided by the instructions.

You need to also wax at the right time of the month. You should make sure you do not wax when you are about to have your periods, as you are more sensitive down there. A good time is a week before your periods.
You also need to keep a regular waxing schedule. The more you wax, the more you interfere with your hair growth pattern. This shall lead to the hair in the pubic region thinning. The waxing sessions shall be less often, as shall the pain be much lower. The fact that you wax regularly means that the hair shall not have grown too tall. Tall hair is the most painful to wax. You can beat that by waxing when it is still short.

Before the session, you need to get into the right state of mind. You need to eliminate from your mind the feelings of tension and anxiety before you begin. If you were to go in while you are tense and scared, you would find that the pain feels more magnified than it ought to be. When you relax and remain calm, the session will not be as painful as you had feared before. You can, for example, go for the session over the weekend. They are more relaxed and with no rush. You can even spare some time to admire the beauty and serene nature of the beauty spa. Another option is to get a massage before the waxing session, to relax the body.

You can also go for a skin numbing cream if you are too afraid of the pain to come. These shall numb your skin and thus leave you impervious to the pain sensations. Those have to be used under the guidance of your doctor. They are also recommended for those who tend to feel the most pain after the session. An alternative to such a cream is a cold compress, or a post-wax treatment. Those shall help you minimize the skin irritation.

After you have arrested most of that pain, getting the skin you wanted shall be much easier for you.

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